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Harmoney turns five! Meet Rahul Bathla

, 26 September 2019

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Rahul Bathla, product manager

How did you come to join Harmoney?

In 2014, I was happily working in India for what was my dream company then, Oracle. My manager introduced me to the concept of peer-to-peer lending, which intrigued me and I started reading and researching about it. A couple of days later, I received a DM on Linkedin from a consulting firm asking if I was keen on an opportunity to work for a peer-to-peer lending firm based in New Zealand called Harmoney. 

I didn't want to change my job but was also keen to learn about peer to peer lending model , so I went ahead for the meeting. 10 March 2014, marked my first day at Harmoney .  

What were your first few weeks with the company like?

The goal was set from the very first day: we had to go-live in six months. It was challenging but very exciting. I was learning something new everyday. I found working with such an incredible team inspired me to take my own efforts a notch higher every day.

What's your favorite memory/experience from those early days?

In the early start-up days we all had to be nimble. I played different roles depending on the need of the hour and one of those roles brought me to Fiji to train our Customer Services team. It was a unique experience and I really enjoyed it, also learned a lot in the process.

What was the biggest challenge of those early days?

The biggest challenge was working across time zones, between India (where I was still working at that stage) and New Zealand. It was a bit of blur! We used to work from day till night, had meetings  whenever they were needed just to make sure everything was on track, coordinated and working. But we made it! And that made us all really proud.

What's different about working in Harmoney now?

We have grown by leaps and bounds. But we’ve always had a great team, made up of a really good bunch of people. I guess you’d say we’ve matured. Our early focus was really on building the platform, now we’ve evolved where we can focus on solving customer problems.


About Harmoney

Harmoney is the leading marketplace lender in Australasia. The first to receive a P2P lending licence from the Financial Markets Authority and is the largest provider in the New Zealand market. Harmoney Australia is ASIC licensed and regulated. Harmoney was founded in New Zealand in 2014 and launched in Australia in in March 2017.

In just four full years of operation, Harmoney has:

  • In FY15-19, generated 1586% income growth, 103% income CAGR and $94.8m cumulative income, 115 employees;
  • Raised $32m in capital and invested substantially in its marketplace infrastructure;
  • Assessed more than $7.96b in loan applications;
  • Facilitated more than to $1.2 billion in loan volume via 59,000 loans;
  • Paid $165 million in interest to lenders;
  • Awarded best risk-based personal loan product in Australia in the 2019 Finder Awards
  • Has been awarded the Canstar 5-award Outstanding Value (A1 – A5) two years in a row;
  • Created highly skilled and highly paid roles for 115 FTEs in Auckland, Sydney, and Suva;
  • Was a finalist 2017 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

In New Zealand, Harmoney operates a marketplace where both retail
and institutional lenders can invest their funds. Retail lenders are everyday people lending money in the marketplace, while institutional lenders are financial institutions lending money.