Payment Protect for Lenders - COMING SOON!

Payment Protect is a new waiver product that offers Borrowers financial protection and Lenders the opportunity to increase your returns. This is currently in beta testing and will launch for our retail Lenders in the new year.

Payment Protect FAQs

What is Payment Protect?

Payment Protect is a simple repayment waiver product that offers protection to help our Borrowers during unexpected events that may impact their ability to make their loan repayments such as involuntary redundancy, disability, or death. 

What are the benefits to the Lenders?

As an Lenders, if you decide to fund loans with Payment Protect, you could benefit from a Return increase of over 1% p.a. on loans with Payment Protect.

Has Payment Protect launched for Lenders yet?

We are currently beta testing Payment Protect to ensure everything is running smoothly and accurately before we launch it to our retail Lenders.

When will Payment Protect be open to retail Lenders?

We expect this product to be available early in 2016. But don't worry; we will notify you as soon as we can with an exact date.

Where can I learn more about Payment Protect?

We have set up a page about Payment Protect for Borrowers. Click here to view.