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November P2P Lending News

Posted 30 November 2016. Categories: Lender Newsletters.

As we start creeping ever closer to the end of 2016 and the clean slate of a new year, there’s some fantastic retrospectives on what’s happened in our industry this year, and looking forward at what may be to come...

Q&A with Lenders

Posted 31 August 2016. Categories: Lender Newsletters.

We're breaking from formula slightly this month with our regular Q&A segment: instead of us asking questions to one of our team, we've given our Lenders the opportunity to ask us questions instead. 

June P2P Lending News

Posted 4 July 2016. Categories: Lender Newsletters.

In light of a pretty interesting month over in the U.K., this month we wanted to take a look how P2P marketplaces in the UK have performed to date, and whether we can expect Brexit to impact them.