Harmoney peer-to-peer lending platform first to receive licence from FMA

Posted 9 July 2014.

It’s been an incredibly exciting first half of the week for the team at Harmoney, as we announced yesterday that we have been granted a Peer-to-Peer Lending licence from the Financial Markets Authority.

Harmoney is the first Peer-to-Peer Lending platform in New Zealand to be granted a licence, following the introduction of the Financial Markets Conduct Act in April, which allowed the model to be introduced.

There’s been a flurry of media attention over the last 24 hours, and the congratulations have been pouring in through social media. So firstly – thanks! It’s been great to see the positive reactions and we’re very, very excited about what this means for the rest of the month. The countdown to launch can officially begin!

In honour of this fairly momentous occasion, here’s a mini mid-week news round up!

Harmoney peer-to-peer lending licence announcement in the media.

Interest.co.nz broke the news of our successful licence application yesterday morning with this piece.

The FMA published a media release confirming the announcement on their website. You can read it here. You can also find our media release on our media page.

The National Business Review also posted an article, with a few more snippets from Elaine Campbell of the FMA.

Stuff.co.nz wrote a piece here, and scoop.co.nz had another one.

The New Zealand Herald published it’s first announcement on the licence approval here, with a follow up piece published this morning, announcing that Harmoney is expected to be operating within two weeks.

This is just the start – with launch imminent, you can expect to be hearing a lot more about us in the news over the next few weeks!

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