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July P2P Lending News

Posted 2 August 2016.

Last month's news round up on the impact of Brexit was so well received that we're extending it into this month! In addition to a collection of some of our favourite articles from home and abroad, we're taking a closer...

June P2P Lending News

Posted 4 July 2016. Categories: Lender Newsletters.

In light of a pretty interesting month over in the U.K., this month we wanted to take a look how P2P marketplaces in the UK have performed to date, and whether we can expect Brexit to impact them. 

Q&A with Justin Soong, Delivery Lead

Posted 2 June 2016. Categories: Q&As.

I started out in financial services at Hewlett-Packard, and continued at the NZX in Wellington, developing full stack applications that ran day-to-day operations. I’ve also spent time in  healthcare technology, working on a massive US health care data project for...

May P2P Lending News

Posted 2 June 2016.

May was a very busy month for the team here at Harmoney, and, as always, full of some pretty interesting industry relevant reading. Here's our selection of the best of the month:

Q&A with Ryan Yumul - Operations Manager

Posted 2 May 2016. Categories: Q&As.

I started with Harmoney in Oct 2014 and I currently head the Customer Service operation. I’ve had a working history with the senior management team of Harmoney spanning a 10 year period.

March P2P Lending News

Posted 30 March 2016.

March saw some interesting reading across both local and international media sources - here's a selection of some of our favourites.