Find out how secured loan works

1. Complete your application, get approved and get your cash.

2. Within 60 days, negotiate as a cash buyer and purchase your dream vehicle.
This will be the asset securing your loan.

3. Immediately upon purchasing the vehicle, you must send us:

  • A completed Vehicle Details Form.

  • A copy of your Certificate of Insurance for the vehicle which:
    • is registered in your name and insured with a reputable insurance company
    • shows that there is a comprehensive policy for the full insurable value of the Vehicle or an agreed value of $10,000 (whichever is higher); and
    • names “Harmoney Services Limited” as an interested party.

Important: If you do not meet the above conditions, the loan will be unsecured and the interest rate will change to a higher unsecured interest rate, 60 days after the date of the loan advance.