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Thousands of people have made it happen with a personal loan from Harmoney since our beginning in 2014.

Pictured: Robbie the dog’s owner Tracy had a wheelchair imported from the states to renew his quality of life.

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Since we launched in 2014, more than 30, 000 Kiwis and Aussies – including you! – have made it happen with Harmoney. Did your loan help you travel to far away places? Create homely new spaces? Purchase a new car, or just make life run a little smoother?

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We’re collating videos, photos, and stories from our Borrowers to share with other Kiwis and show them why Harmoney is a better option. And we’d love to see and hear what you achieved. Simply send us your story via email on makingithappen@harmoney.co.nz

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As a bit of an incentive, if we use your story, we'll give you $100 (see T&Cs here).

This is a revolutionary community, and we want you to share how your loan made your life that little bit better by making it happen - just like Alfred.