Unforeseen financial hardship

We understand that life can throw a few curve balls from time to time. If you find yourself unable to reasonably keep up your loan repayments, we call this an Unforeseen Financial Hardship and we can help.

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We are receiving a high number of applications for Unforeseen Financial Hardship support. To avoid delays, ensure you provide all the information requested for an application.

If you have been affected by an Unforeseen Financial Hardship, you can request that we vary the terms of your loan contract.

What qualifies as Unforeseen Financial Hardship

Unforeseen Financial Hardship may be due to personal hardship (e.g. illness or injury), a major life event (e.g. death of a loved one, loss of employment), or another reasonable cause.

Applying for Unforeseen Financial Hardship

To make an application you need to:

    Simply contact us by telephone, email or post - see contact details below. If your request is urgent, use our telephone or email option.
    Clearly explain your reasons for applying. Provide as much supporting documentation as possible that relates to your hardship event. For example, provide us an email or letter from your employer if you are facing reduced hours or unemployment, or your doctor if you have a incapacitating health event.
    Clearly request one of the following:
    • A postponement of your repayments for a set time.
    • An extension to the original loan term.
    • A combination of the above – i.e. extend your term, with a postponement of some of your repayments.

By making an application, you are confirming your belief that you will be able to meet your debt repayments if these changes are made.

You cannot apply for Unforeseen Hardship within four months of a previous application, unless the hardship is related to a different matter.

What happens when you apply

Once we have received your application, we will contact you in writing outlining our process. If we do not require any further information from you, a decision will be made within 21 working days of receiving your application.

If we do request further information, please ensure you provide this as soon as possible.

Ready to apply?

You can apply by telephone, email or post, but if your request is urgent, please use our telephone or email options:

0800 427 666


Unforeseen Financial Hardship
Ground Floor,
79 Carlton Gore Rd,
Auckland, 1023

Information for Lenders

If Borrowers find themselves unable to reasonably keep up their loan repayments due to an unexpected life event, they can apply for Unforeseen Financial Hardship.

There are regulatory criteria that apply before a Borrower may have Unforeseen Financial Hardship granted, and not all applications will be successful.

Please remember that Borrowers who have their contracts varied because of Unforeseen Financial Hardship are still expected to repay their loan in full – it may just take longer than initially expected.