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We know your financial needs can change

That’s why we’re here to help you get the loan terms you want.

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Change your finances to suit your circumstances. A good credit history may mean a better interest rate and more money in the hand.

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Making a plan to reduce debt is a big step towards financial freedom. Whether you're saving on interest or increasing repayments, every bit counts.

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Choose your repayment frequency and there's no penalty fees if you pay back early. Plus, you can borrow up to $70,000 unsecured.

Simple, 100% online

1. Get to know you

Tell us about your loan, then provide us with some details about yourself and your finances.

2. Get your quote

We provide your detailed quote with your interest rate, borrowing limit and repayments.

3. Get your money

Accept your quote and provide some final details. Most people get their money within 24 hours.

What we offer

$2K - $70K

Loan limits
3 or 5 years

Loan terms
$200 or $450

Establishment fee

Early repayment fee
  • Interest rates from 6.99% p.a.24.69% p.a.¹
  • Establishment fee of $200 for loans under $5,000²
  • Establishment fee of $450 for loans $5,000 and over²
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Your rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • All loans are unsecured

Find out more about our rates and fees

Get the loan that works for you

Spend more time living and less time figuring out how to pay for the things you need.

personalised rates

Interest rates are based on your individual credit assessment, not one-size-fits-all.

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Choose from 3 or 5 year terms. And there are no early repayment fees should you decide to repay the loan sooner.

100% ONLINE – 24/7

No queues and no need for any awkward face-to-face meetings.

What our customers say

5.0 Fast and affordable
Recommend to all family and friends
And the chat and email responses were fantastic. Kris from Customer Care online chat was there and respond fast. I applied online for a loan from Instant Finance takes a week before they contacted me if still interesting too bad i applied with Harmoney only minutes and i found out that got approved. I m still waiting now for a second quote coz i changed the amount but 24hrs not over yet as promised. Thanks and keep up the good work. When you treat customer right they wont ever leave
Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Thank you for the great stress free service. It was so easy to apply and receiving the notification "your loan is approved" is by far the most wonderful news to receive on a Friday afternoon. God Bless Team Harmoney Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Easy and quick service. My loan was approved in just 5 minutes.
Easy to follow instructions.
I compared with other agencies and harmony had the best offer.
, New Zealand
5.0 I am very happy with my experience with Harmoney. It is excellent and stress free. I have recommended Harmoney to everyone I know and most of them have Harmoney loans approved. So THANK YOU Harmoney Wellington , New Zealand
5.0 Easy and super fast application. What a great help for our family. I wish they have an annual review of loan rates and give customers a reduced rate for those who who are a a good payer. This will give them confidence and encouragement as they will see it an incentive and feels that Harmoney cares even more. Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 I would 150% recommend Harmoney to anyone needing finances. Super easy to use, great communication and wonderful timing! I absolutely love :) Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney make the application for the loan simple and the site is very easy to navigate through.Which is great for those like me who struggle with technology.Plus the ease and speed it took to get the loan is outstanding. Otago, New Zealand
5.0 Great and very easy to fill in online application. Interest rate was very competitive especially for my first time as a Harmony customer.
Had loan approval confirmation within the hour and finance was deposited within 24 hours. Would highly recommend Harmony to friends and family.
Canterbury , New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney have been great for me, consolidating my debt and now allowing me to top up my loan for important purchases , New Zealand
5.0 This is incredibly modern and user friendly. I am super impressed with the entire concept and how the system is set up. Amazing stuff! Futuristic and helpful. The interest rate in my case was 27% and I hoped for lower interest, perhaps 18%. But nonetheless Harmony has helped me get it my way when all traditional banks and finance companies couldnt care to help me. Now I am in control and can sleep at night knowing I can afford my repayments and live a normal life, start saving again to repay the loan faster and be debt free sooner with no stress. Harmony approved me and the money was in my bank account the same day! All done on my phone in my lunch break. Simply amazing! Felt like a blessed miracle to consolidate my debt so efficiently and so quickly. It's been months of struggle and now I am at peace with my circumstances. THANK YOU HARMONY Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Absolutely awesome. Applying for the loan is easy to understand and complete and it lets you know by a percentage diagram how far along your loan is processing. Waiting is not long and when the loan is actioned Harmoney always contacts you to make sure that everything is okay with you. Thank you Harmoney. Hastings, New Zealand
5.0 My overall experience with Harmoney was excellent. I would not be able to get this kind of loan from my bank. I remember applying just for an overdraft of $500 and the bank could not even give it to me...how sad. Thanks so much Harmoney. You have made it so easy for us. This is truly a blessing. , New Zealand
5.0 Easy, efficient and intuitive. Getting a loan through Harmoney was super easy and really quick. The whole process took around 48 hours from start to finish and with such an awesome interest rate, there is no way the banks could compete with that. Very impressed. Wellington, New Zealand
5.0 Great service! Special mention to Mere who helped me on the early stage of my loan application. And to the rest of the team at Harmoney for the assistance until my loan got funded. Well done guys! Manawatu, New Zealand
5.0 Great Costumer Service and Great Financial Concept for borrowing/lending finances on right time! Well done Harmoney happy to have you on board on my side! Thank you! Auckland , New Zealand
5.0 Made my life so much less stressful.
What a sense of relief all my debt consolidation all under one loan.
Great interest rate which out did all banks and I was able to sleep a great night sleep the fact the loan came though and cleared all my numerous accumulating debt.
I can now how a much simpler life and a direction moving forward and know where I am at
Thank you Harmoney.
Northland, New Zealand
5.0 so great fast and michael Kouk was lovely to work with thank you harmoney I didnt think i get the loan i will be later to get another loan and told my work mates how good harmoney really is so thank you again
Northland, New Zealand
5.0 Another great and easy loan experience with Harmoney online. The entire loan application is easy and straightforward. none, New Zealand
5.0 Very good and very quick service. The loan has come at a great time. I'm able to consolidate my other loans which I incurred due to a sudden bereavement in my family. Thanks heaps Harmoney Wellington, New Zealand
5.0 Great service from call centre guy. Loan was funded extreemly quickly. It was painless. Easiern than I thought it would ever be. Thanks very much Harmoney Waikato, New Zealand
5.0 Excellent service for a top up loan with easy and quick process to apply. Thank you Harmoney for your lending service. , New Zealand
5.0 Excellent ,as Harmoney were great,i will always support them every after my loan is paid of as they were helpful when I needed help so big ups to Harmoney,they have my support Whakatane, New Zealand
5.0 Once I decided to consolidate 3 HPs I didn't give my bank a call there would be too much paper work and the interest rate would not be 9.9% that Harmoney would be offering and from my experience with Harmoney the process was easy understand and you were informed throughout the process when applying for the loan, and the time it took to be approved was excellent. Thanks Harmoney , New Zealand
5.0 Excellent service- no forms to fill in when you have been a customer with Harmoney and I have applied for and have approved 2 loans with Harmoney.
Very easy to access all bank details to set up auto payment
This way of getting approved to borrow money is far better than going to a bank or finance office or filling out forms
An excellent way to build a good credit rating for later on
Excellent Service
Tauranga, New Zealand
5.0 It's great to be able to find funding online in the comfort of your home. I'm amazed at how fast my application was funded as I completed it very late yesterday afternoon. And now it is 100% funded and it's barely 11am the next day. Thanks everyone for a quick response to my loan application and thanks Harmoney for great service.
Kind Regards
Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Absolutely Fantastic.Great customer service as well.Was pleased someone rang me back to follow up prior to getting loan approved.Will definitely be using Harmoney in the future.
, New Zealand
5.0 harmony is so easy to apply for a loan fast response, and interest rate on my loan is excellent, I have recommend my work mates and friends to harmoney if they ever need a loan christchurch, new zealand
5.0 It was a LOT easier than I thought. I was very impressed with HARMONEY'S lateral & logical thinking.
Our bank won't lend to our business, in it's 1st year of operation, even though we have equity. They won't even give a personal overdraft.
Thanks to Harmoney, I am now laughing my way to the bank, where I would have gladly paid more in interest if they had been even remotely interested. Our mainstream bank adversities with the following slogan: "Helping small businesses grow" ~ YEAH RIGHT....... I think that title belongs to HARMONEY.
Thank you Harmoney. When are you starting banking services?
5.0 With Graces personal attention and service it has made my processing a lot easier. She is awesome. The speed and accuracy at which Harmoney dealt with my application was unbelievable. Manawatu, New Zealand
5.0 I decided to give applying for a loan online and couldn't believe how quick it was!
I'm very impressed how the money was in my account the very same day. I am ever so grateful because I had been stressing out trying to find a solution and this happened! Thank you Harmoney.
Auckland , New Zealand
5.0 Wow! I got a pamphlet in the post about Harmoney.co.nz, and did a bit of research and couldn't find anything bad about them. So I went ahead and tried the online application. 3 days later and everything is wrapped up nice and neat, the money is in our account, I thought the cost and interest were reasonably competitive given the ease and convenience, the direct debit is setup to replay the loan, and I didn't have to move from my lounge. Harmoney, FANTASTIC PROFESSIONAL SERVICE!!! , New Zealand
5.0 Tried my bank first, but proved very difficult to get a loan and it didn't matter wheather you had excellent credit rating. A friend mentioned harmony, so I thought I'd try. What an absolute hassle free application process and you don't need to go there, you can do it all on line. The response time for an answer was swift and getting the funds was way faster. I have recommended harmony to all my friends. , New zealand
5.0 Harmoney are like a best friend, I have been doing reno's on my home for the past 2 years and Harmoney came to the party with Top Lending at fabulous interest rates. I am nearly at the end of home reno's thanks to Harmoney. I have topped up twice on my original Loan and it was done with ease. I highly recommend "Harmoney" with fast efficient Lending and a competitive interest rate. Thank you Harmoney !!! New Zealand,

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Terms and conditions

1. Subject to approval and funding. Harmoney’s interest rates range from 6.99% p.a. to 24.69% p.a. and are offered based on the individual borrower’s credit assessment according to Harmoney’s credit scorecard. In order to be approved and list your loan you must meet Harmoney’s credit criteria and responsible lending requirements. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. 99% of loan applications are funded within 24 hours of loans terms being accepted (based on loans submitted in 2018).

2. Establishment fee of $200 for loans from $2,000 to below $5,000 and $450 for loans from $5,000 to $70,000. Fixed rates range from 6.99% p.a. to 24.69% p.a. on 36 to 60 month terms, with no early repayment penalties.