Shaun Xia

QA Lead

"Harmoney has provided me with a high-quality and flexible working environment, where I have achieved maximum growth. I am proud of being able to work with such talented colleagues and inspirational managers."

Tell us about your role at Harmoney
I am the QA Lead and have been with Harmoney for over 3 years having started as a Senior Tester.

Why did you decide to join Harmoney?
I used to work in a bank and moved to Harmoney to gain more development in a Fintech company.

What is it like working at Harmoney?
In the IT department, we have highly innovative and imaginative colleagues. I feel like I'm in a champion team eager to succeed.

Tell us something about yourself outside of work?Coming to New Zealand is the most important decision I have made. I enjoy the work and life balance lifestyle. Harmoney is my first job in Aotearoa- making my dreams come true.

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tazneen hussain
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