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How do you know which personal loan provider is the best for you? Here, you can review Independent research company, Canstar’s, Personal Loan Star Ratings 2016/2017.

Independently rated
the best value 

Independently rated
the best value

With so many options for personal loans in New Zealand, it can be easy to get confused as to which provider is the best option for you. Fortunately, independent and well-respected research company, Canstar, produces a report each year to compare all the options. Below, you will find the results of Canstar’s Personal Loan Star Ratings, October 2019.

Unsecured Personal Loan Comparison (Canstar NZ)

Company Product Advertised Rate (%) Amount
'Outstanding Value'
Harmoney NZ Unsecured PL A1-A5 Credit Rating 6.99% — 29.99% p.a. $2K — $50K
NZCU Baywide Unsecured Personal Loan - Orange    
The Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Unsecured A++ to A Credit    
ANZ Bank NZ Fixed Personal Loan
The Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Unsecured B+ to B Credit
The Co-operative Bank Vehicle Loan    
TSB Bank Personal Loan Unsecured    
ASB Bank NZ Debt Consolidation    
ASB Bank NZ Personal Loan Unsecured    
BNZ Advanced Personal Loan    
Harmoney NZ Unsecured PL B1-B5 Credit Rating  6.99% — 29.99% p.a.  $2K — $50K
Kiwibank NZ Personal Loan    
NZCU Baywide Unsecured Personal Loan - Green    
NZCU Baywide Unsecured Personal Loan - Yellow    
The Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Unsecured C to C- Credit    
The Co-operative Bank Personal Loan Unsecured D Credit    
Westpac NZ Personal Loan Unsecured    
Gem Debt Consolidation Loan    
Gem Personal Loan Unsecured    
Harmoney NZ Unsecured PL C1-C5 Credit Rating  6.99% — 29.99% p.a.  $2K — $50K
NZCU Baywide Unsecured Personal Loan - Blue
Harmoney NZ Unsecured PL D1-D5 Credit Rating 6.99% — 29.99% p.a. $2K — $50K
Harmoney NZ Unsecured PL E1-E5 Credit Rating 6.99% — 29.99% p.a. $2K — $50K
(All information correct as at October 2019.) Rates as at October 2019. Personal Loans Star Ratings 2019.

Why should I compare and choose Harmoney?

Our Borrowers (312,000+ Kiwis and counting!) often tell us they chose Harmoney because of:

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  • We win awards
    5 Star Canstar rating for value (A1 – A5), as well as thousands of 5 Star Ratings from our customers on Shopper Approved. Read the latest 100 customer reviews here, updated daily.

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Do I need an Unsecured Personal Loan or a Secured Personal loan, and what's the difference?

One of the first questions you should consider is whether or not you wish to offer an asset as security for the loan. At Harmoney, all our personal loans are unsecured. This means you don't have to put up an asset, such as your car or house, as collateral to qualify for the loan. Read more about unsecured loans.

What do Canstar's ratings tell me?

Borrowing money can be a big decision for anybody. So taking the time to ready independently verified research about the products and providers can keep you well informed. Seeing transparent data side by side with other personal loan providers can make things clearer, giving you confidence to choose the right loan.

Anything else I should know about Personal Loans?

We have a great blog that goes through the ins and outs of Personal Loans. Check it out here.

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