And puppy makes three

And puppy makes three

Back in 2020, Hope had planned on two things: having her dream wedding with the love of her life, and the dog she’d always wanted. Making both of these things come true turned out to be a little more tricky than expected. That is, until Hope turned to Harmoney for help.

Plans for the wedding were on track – in 2020, that’s a feat in itself. Hope and her fiance had been saving toward their wedding and things were falling into place nicely as the November wedding date approached. Then on the eve of the wedding, while focused on last minute preparations, Hope got an unexpected phone call.

For those unaccustomed to buying a purebred puppy, it may come as a surprise that it can be a long wait before one comes available. Depending on the breed you’re looking for, that wait can be many years. In Hope’s case, the tail-wagging, four-legged companion she sought was a Welsh Corgi: “They’re just such cool dogs - and so funny looking. They’re like a big dog in a little dog’s body.” She did her research and spent time to find the right breeder, and from there it was a waiting game. 5 years passed: Hope isn’t the only one who thinks corgis are wonderful dogs.

“I’ve got one left”, said the breeder, herself a champion dog handler. “I’m on my way”, said Hope. Actually, she thought that, but there was the small matter of getting married the next day. And for those unaccustomed to buying a purebred puppy, it may come as a surprise to learn that doing so can put a hit on your finances. Hope turned to her hubby – “Let’s do it!” he barked. “We’ve got enough for a deposit and we’ll call the bank about the rest.”

The passing of the happy day with Hope’s two-legged love and attention turned to securing money to bring home the four-legged, love-to-be. But the speed at which Hope’s bank operated didn’t match the urgency of the situation: “they were kinda just a bit too slow in getting back to me, and they wanted me to go in ... there were quite a few people behind me in line so I had to be fast.”

But Hope had seen Harmoney’s ads on TV, so she knew she could apply online from the comfort of her home as her two-legged love painted her toenails, and that Harmoney’s response would be quick - “most loans funded within 24 hours” the ads claimed. That was just what she needed: “It was easier and all online - that was the main selling point for me.”

Indeed it was quick, and with the money needed now secured, Hope and hubby drove out to pick up the newest member of the family, Quincy. “He was 8 weeks old - just a baby when we got him.” It was December 23rd - just in time for their first Christmas together.

Harmoney’s purpose is to help people achieve their goals with financial products that are friendly, fair and simple to use. After her experience with Harmoney to bring home Quincy, Hope thought she might move her car loan to Harmoney. “The other company were just kind of terrible – there was no online support and I was only getting statements every six months and if I wanted to request one I really really had to chase it up and I just kinda got sick of it … so I thought it could be worth refinancing with Harmoney.” Hope was able to use a Harmoney debt consolidation loan to combine her existing Harmoney loan and her car loan. It not only made it easier to manage, she can now get statements whenever she wants, can access our customer support team via phone, chat, or email, and make extra payments easily.

If a Harmoney personal loan could help you get things done, apply today.

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