Dealing with some unfinished business

Dealing with some unfinished business

Rebecca's 40th birthday was just around the corner. As the date drew closer, she realised that she had some unfinished business to attend to before she could get down to celebrating.

Rebecca and her husband had started their family over a decade before, with the birth of their first child (pictured here with his 3 younger siblings). At the time, motherhood hadn’t come easily to Rebecca. "I got a bit of post natal depression. I didn’t think I wanted to have any more kids. But time passes and you forget."

Rebecca and her husband knew that they’d like to have more children while they still had time, and Rebecca felt better prepared for another pregnancy. “Family is very important."

But with Rebecca almost 40, adding to their family wasn't going to be simple. After years of trying on their own, they had sought help from all the right people. Strangely, their fertility specialists couldn't find any problem, and without a diagnosis, public fertility funding was not going to be an option for them. They had to pay for the treatment themselves. “With the IVF, emotionally, when you’re using your credit card to pay for it, you don’t really care. Then you get half-way through the process and you think - hang on a minute. We’ve got to pay for this somehow."

As a result of her treatment, Rebecca became pregnant again, and in the years following, she and her husband even managed to have two more children. From time to time, their credit card debt needed to be taken care of, and preparations made for the next new arrival.

To help manage their debts, Rebecca turned to Harmoney for a Debt Consolidation Loan, which she found super-simple to arrange. “It's easy. A really easy, no-drama process."

Over the years, the ability to top up their loan was a welcome feature. They were able to combine their credit card debt into a debt consolidation loan, and pay down some of the debt. This  made their debt repayments easier to manage, and the lower interest rate on their Harmoney loan saved them money. Whenever they needed a bit more to help with the growing family, topping up their loan came in handy.

"We were lucky,” says Rebecca. IVF can be uncertain, and things could have been very different. “We got the three embryos and they all took."

These days, she's making the most of her kids, and enjoying their company while they’re young. "It's chaos. It’s so tiring, but it’s everything you want."

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