Kitchen gizmos galore. Turn meal prep, into meal pleasure!

Kitchen gizmos galore. Turn meal prep, into meal pleasure!

For most of us, life seems to be getting busier, with a constant pressure to fit more into less time. We typically grew up eating thoughtful, home cooked meals - a hearty stew or a fresh salad, often with pavlova or crumble to finish. These days, we often turn to ready meals or takeaway food just to keep up. With these innovative, easy to use appliances, preparing and cooking delicious meals is easy for any home chef.

Slow cookers have long been the go to appliance for the time poor and budget conscious. If you’re able to prep meal ingredients in the morning or the night before, throwing them in the slow cooker before you leave for work means you can come home to a piping hot meal. Smart multi-cookers take this convenience up a notch. For example, many recipes suggest frying meats to lock in flavour before slow cooking - a multi-cooker can be used to sauté and then slow cook tougher cuts. This upcoming Gourmia multicooker even has a touch screen to guide even the least experienced cook through challenging recipes such as pastries or a souffle.

 Although food processors, beaters and breadmakers are kitchen mainstays, investing in a number of different appliances can take up a substantial amount of space in a normal sized kitchen. Until recently, truly multi-function food processors were out of most families’ budgets. Stand mixers and multi-function processors have become more affordable and more capable; even a mid range machine is almost as good as having your own sous chef. This pâtissier and multifunction food processor from Magimix can automate almost any food prep task - from mixing cookie dough to juicing a bumper crop of fruit from the tree. And if you’re on a health kick, an electric spiraliser makes it easy to prepare spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles for the whole family.

When the kids are hungry and you’ve had a long day, a smart oven can be a godsend. The June intelligent oven uses a camera and smart chip to recommend cooking settings based on the type and volume of food you’ve put in the oven. The June is also great fun when you’re in the mood to cook creatively - the camera makes it easy to keep track of the changes as your food cooks, and even to live stream the process!

Home cooking is a great way to experience the best of New Zealand’s great produce and cuisine. Cooking great food every night can be done - all it takes is the right tools to make it happen.

Of course, you have to have the right kitchen to store all these crazy gizmos.  If you need some extra storage in your kitchen, or want a new kitchen all together then a Harmoney Home Improvement loan could be the way to go.  A loan through Harmoney could allow you to have the money straight away without having to get quotes from tradies up front.  

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