Office moving day made easy

Office moving day made easy

Are you a business owner or office manager faced with shifting the team to a new office? It can be a logistical nightmare. But not for Harmoney's legendary office manager Amanda Donaldson, who has just, single-handedly, moved our team to a spanking new location. Here's her tips for how to make the move as painless as possible.

It turns out it’s not Amanda’s first time whipping a team into shape for a big move. She’s worked as a project manager on other refurbishment or relocation projects ranging from setting up the shore base for an America’s Cup challenge team, to making over one of Auckland’s largest commercial spaces, while keeping all 300 staff operational.

Amanda’s office moving guide for beginners:

The key to a successful, seamless office move is … communication; often and clearly with everybody involved. Make sure you know what they’ll need when in terms of the move, and have a good plan from the start so the business can maintain good productivity levels. You really don’t want everything grinding to a halt!

The best place to start is … establishing good contacts with contractors early on. That’s key. Then have a clear work list, broken down into stages.

Be prepared to … multi-task! And expect the unexpected. Like when I had three trucks packed and loaded with furniture only to find we had no access to the new building.

The most important thing to do is … check your plans. Then check them again. And then triple check them.

Make sure you … know your budget and don't be afraid to delegate. Assign responsibilities and deadlines. Develop a realistic schedule of when things can happen and how any delays might have flow-on effects.

The most important thing to have organised for the first day in the new office is ... make sure toilet paper is ordered and the coffee machine is plugged in and ready to go.

You might not realise … it can be fun and really satisfying. I’ve enjoyed coming up with the moving solutions and every aspect of putting them in place. Each logistical step has its challenges but that is part of the appeal. The appearance of a seamless move, with everything working is really rewarding!

The number one thing your team will ask is … "How do I pack my things?" Followed closely by: "Where can I park?" And "How does the alarm work?"

The number one thing your team should know is … a flat white is always welcome!

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