Taking care of debt the smart way

How to smarten up on bad debt—you're not alone

The reality of modern living is that most of us will end up with a variety of debts – some bigger than others – to multiple creditors.

But on top of the rent or mortgage and expenses of day to day living, it can be hard to keep aside the funds to make repayments, let alone make those payments on time. Managing your finances can start to feel pretty overwhelming.

Having a large amount of debt isn’t smart – but there is a smarter way to deal with it to help keep it under control.

Debt consolidation won't make your debts disappear, but it's pretty much the next best thing.

Organising your debts into one payment makes it easier to budget and simplifies the process of managing your debt. You’ll only end up with a single bill to pay to one creditor - so there’s no need to keep track of multiple interest rates and payment dates.

It also means you’ll only have one lot of interest to pay - leaving you with more funds available in your bank account to help you get debt-free faster.

Our process is easy, 100% online - 24/7, and your rate is unique to you - so you pay a rate based on your circumstances, not everyone else's. A debt consolidation loan through Harmoney can be a smarter way for many Kiwis to manage their finances, reduce their bad debt, and get back on track to achieving financial goals.

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