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See the country in comfort

Personalised rates from 6.99%¹

Won’t affect your credit score

Canstar winner 5 years in a row
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We know buying a motorhome is expensive

That's why we're here to help you find the right one and get you travelling like never before.

make memories v3

A loan to buy a motorhome now could help you finance years of affordable family holidays or find freedom in retirement.

time v9

Our fast, online application means no need for face-to-face meetings and you could be out touring the country in comfort in days.

unsecured v4

Our personal loans are unsecured so there's no need to put your new motorhome, or any other asset, on the line to cover your loan.

What our customers say

5.0 Clear and very easy instructions. Instant answers. Great online application.
Money was in my account on the same day I was approved for the loan. Excellent!
Wellington , New Zealand
5.0 Very fast Profesional great service would recommend to anyone needing finance New Zealand
5.0 Very efficient and great service from Harmoney with an easy to follow process towards my personal loan, thank you Harmoney. New Zealand
5.0 Very quick to sort out my initial issue and had the loan approved next day, thats what I call excellent Customer Service! New Zealand
5.0 Always great to use for personal loans. Much easier and more straightforward than banks. New Zealand
5.0 The best loan experience i have ever had cheers New Zealand
5.0 The process has been updated so the terms and conditions and loan agreement are lodged online in the logon rather than being emailed, this makes the process even more user-friendly than what it was previously and even then it was great!
Thre was a system glitch but this was resolved very quickly.
New Zealand
5.0 Thank you for making the loan process so very easy. Your customer service people are awesome New Zealand
5.0 very easy to work though and am great full of the loan Northland, New Zealand
5.0 Wow so quick and easy really took the stress out of requesting a loan New Zealand
5.0 Thank you for once again for making the loan process a smooth & friendly process, super fast response time, excellent customer service team members...thanks for making our day, very grateful New Zealand
5.0 Always quick and easy to apply for loans with confirmation received almost immediately. Excellent process and service. New Zealand
5.0 The best loan company I have ever dealt with New Zealand
5.0 So quick do personal no stupid questions. Just great to deal with. Eould recommend to anyone 10 out of 10. Thank you once again. New Zealand
5.0 Such a good team, my loan approved with 24hrs New Zealand
5.0 Best way to get a loan and easy. Will use them again! New Zealand
5.0 Really easy to deal with and great team on board that figures out if people are financially able to apply for loans or top ups. Really happy with harmoney's service. New Zealand
5.0 Awesome service. Sorted a top up loan within an hour. Thanks Harmony!!! New Zealand
5.0 Wow never had a majority automated loan approval process like that. It was really quick. New Zealand
5.0 I initially had a few issues with applying online, however I was very impressed by your staff who contacted me and my husband to who was able to help us get our loan approved. We are truly grateful. Thank you so much to your team New Zealand
5.0 I am very happy with the whole ordeal. Very smooth and no problems what so ever. Felt very confident and relaxed through my loan. Thank you very much Harmoney. Merry Xmas New Zealand
5.0 This has been one of the best experiences I've had with finances in a long time, I had a few technical difficulties during the day but the team members I spoke to were lovely and extremely helpful, I really appreciate it. New Zealand
5.0 excellent service as always prompt & great communication from harmoney staff
highly recommended & have advised family & friends of harmoneys loan services
New Zealand
5.0 So easy and fast ...was great not having to log into different things just to get your finances... New Zealand
5.0 Easiest loan application ever. Seamless and great service. New Zealand
5.0 Great service, loan approved in 1 hour. New Zealand
5.0 Thank you guys excellent job when I need a loan well done thanks Harmony. New Zealand
5.0 Completely amazed to be honest (at the speed and ease of the loan process here). Stunned actually. Speechless.

Granted that my credit rating is 1000 and that I have a guaranteed permanent secondary teaching position but I have NEVER experienced or expected anything as smooth as this Harmony process (FYI: I am 57 years old and a property owner of one rental and have gone through many mortgage and loan applications in the last 20 years. I also have an extensive 30-year secondary teaching career alongside this).

Despite my strong credit history, no hire purchases, an $82 000 salary (guaranteed), and a $610 weekly rental income, my regular bank would not loan me the extra $10 000 needed to complete a new sleepout because, in their view, I was reaching beyond a financial ceiling that they would not finance.

It left me in a pretty pickle as I wanted to complete the sleepout in Christchurch before the 2021 academic year so that I could take advantage of the influx of NZ students into the city post-New Year. The conceting and foundation is down already so, really, it is not going to take too much to complete the actual structure.

My regular bank simply did not want to know despite an extremely positive valuation from a registered and accredited valuer.

Getting this loan is actually a kind of miracle for me. The property has been in my family's hands for 45 years but now I am really adding value and getting some good returns on it (I am also not over-leveraged compared to Auckland properties).

All I can say is, THANK YOU Harmony as I don't have to go back to my bank anymore to beg for the funds required.

Can I also add that I am greatly heartened that I can pay the loan back at anytime without any financial penalty. It really is a great deal tbh and I would recommend this lender to anyone out there who is stuck for funds
New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney has always been a very good loan provider thank you for making life easier for me, and being able to afford life changes. New Zealand
5.0 Great quick service, fast loan turnaround A+++ New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney is a good honest transparent loan company. Thanks heaps!! New Zealand
5.0 Easy quick and loan terms are fair and interest rates are good. Good experience New Zealand
5.0 Great application service. Thanks for an easy Loan process. Highly recommend :) New Zealand
5.0 I will be forever so grateful to Harmony for reaching out to help when I needed to consolidate my loans and to help with my mother's eye surgery within minutes. It took me a good 20 mins just to sit and embrace the the great news. New Zealand
5.0 Very good patience by Mel on phone explaining loan process, and acceptance. Simple application process and clearly explained next steps New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney never fails to help, truly one of the best finance company to deal with. They always give options and I believe they always have your best interest at heart, thanks Team New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney is incredibly painless, great UX. I love the non-personal aspect of it. New Zealand
5.0 Very efficient professional experience. Thanks Harmony for the stress free loan approval at great competitive rates New Zealand
5.0 Fast and affordable
Recommend to all family and friends
And the chat and email responses were fantastic. Kris from Customer Care online chat was there and respond fast. I applied online for a loan from Instant Finance takes a week before they contacted me if still interesting too bad i applied with Harmoney only minutes and i found out that got approved. I m still waiting now for a second quote coz i changed the amount but 24hrs not over yet as promised. Thanks and keep up the good work. When you treat customer right they wont ever leave
Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 It’s great to have loan process so easy.
Not too many requirements.
New Zealand
5.0 Thank you for the great stress free service. It was so easy to apply and receiving the notification "your loan is approved" is by far the most wonderful news to receive on a Friday afternoon. God Bless Team Harmoney Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 Great service, great loan provider New Zealand
5.0 I have been a customer for a few years now and you guys are the best loan company to deal with New Zealand
5.0 Harmony is best loan, very simple and easy to apply. They respond very fast.
Thank to Harmony.
New Zealand
5.0 It was great to get a loan and tahnk you, but if you take too long in the debt section it times out and does not save your information, it was very frustrating. Thanks, Sofia New Zealand
5.0 Excellent finance provider, extremely efficient and fast process. New Zealand
5.0 hassle free and great to see a real time loan balance New Zealand
5.0 Application was easy to fill out and request loan. Communication was very good, always knew where my application was in the system BOP, New Zealand
5.0 So helpful and good finance New Zealand
5.0 Excellent service, love that we have been recognised for being good payers and been given a loan at a good interest rate. Thank you New Zealand
5.0 Simply the best, easy user friendly loan application system, 10/10 New Zealand
5.0 Excellent most of my loan's have been approved so I am hoping this is approved be a great Christmas gift thanks Rotorua,bay of plenty, New Zealand
5.0 best experience looking for a loan, service was great, quick and easy New Zealand
5.0 Great
Working in the finance industry aside from my errors in submitting its very slick
New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney has been the best, Thank you for loan. Esp Jason for helping me finish this. Excellent help and service New Zealand
5.0 Great service, well done to establishing such an efficient loan lending terms. New Zealand
5.0 Quick, easy and affordable process. This loan has enabled me to grow my business by investing in much needed plant. I was given a pre approved amount which gave me confidence to complete the purchase prior to drawing down the funds. Thanks New Zealand
5.0 Very easy and quick application, confident that personal details are confidential. New Zealand
5.0 Easy and quick service. My loan was approved in just 5 minutes.
Easy to follow instructions.
I compared with other agencies and harmony had the best offer.
, New Zealand
5.0 Best Finance in the world Auckland - Central, New Zealand
5.0 Adam is a genius, I am computer illiterate. Having someone as awesome and helpful like Adam in your team gives reassurance and determination for individuals like me to advance on the the Harmoney Loan. Adam, You are a Legend and a great asset to Harmoney, I hope that your company realizes that fact as well New Zealand
5.0 Pretty Hi-Tech, good navigation to get loan approved. New Zealand
5.0 So easy and quick, the best online loan service you can get. New Zealand
5.0 Awesome friendly service and very polite and professional. The person who initiated the loan for me was fantastic on the phone, he was very knowledgeable and pleasant. Well done!! Waikato, New Zealand
5.0 Excellent service and loan approval process is really fast Christchurch Central, New Zealand
5.0 Great support from staff to assist with loan process. Quick service New Zealand
5.0 Harmoney has helped me a lot with my Finances. Great service. New Zealand
5.0 Harmony loan process is by far the best ever/stress free process. This is the easiest & efficient financial provider in NZ. New Zealand
5.0 I have found applying for my loan Quick and easy and response time excellent New Zealand
5.0 Kirsten is very nice and helpful to get this loan faster. Excellent customer service. New Zealand
5.0 very impressed with the easy online processing of the loan New Zealand
5.0 I didn't know about harmony before this application and found out about it through another website and that it is a very good way of getting a loan when needed New Zealand
5.0 Getting a loan was faster than expected and also in really good interest rates New Zealand
5.0 The best investment loan company around, from the people for the people New Zealand
5.0 Excellent way to arrange finance. New Zealand
5.0 The team at Harmoney is amazing ! Much thanks to Paula who assisted me with my loan today and making it easier for me. youre awesome ! cheers ! New Zealand
5.0 I am very happy with my experience with Harmoney. It is excellent and stress free. I have recommended Harmoney to everyone I know and most of them have Harmoney loans approved. So THANK YOU Harmoney Wellington , New Zealand
5.0 It's an awesome feeling when a loan application is successful. But the service just makes it that much better New Zealand
5.0 Very professional customer service; Kristen Gamble kept me in communication through the loan application process. Advised me on what was required to complete the application for review. Excellent work Kristen. Much appreciated. Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 I love how easy it is to apply for a loan. It is an awesome company with great lenders New Zealand
5.0 so far it's good just wait to see how i get on with my new loan Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
5.0 Adam was very efficient and fast.. he was so fast tracking my info n get processed away..whereas i have been emailing yr details to ana n cust service for more than 2 weeks n no correspondences.. Atama has been onto it n would.b b great to have more people like him.. very professional n understand my needs very well.. i would recommend him to any finance or any banks for employment.. Thanks Atama.. you are a legend New Zealand
5.0 Simply said: I will never go to a bank for a personal loan again. Ever! Harmoney your awesome! New Zealand
5.0 Great to have this all on-line and great back up team as i needed to discuss my lending which was a bit different with investment properties. Great team New Zealand
5.0 The easiest, fastest and sufficient loan process ever! thank you Harmoney for making this process great ! New Zealand
5.0 Great service, easy to use and understand the loan repayments. New Zealand
5.0 Easy and super fast application. What a great help for our family. I wish they have an annual review of loan rates and give customers a reduced rate for those who who are a a good payer. This will give them confidence and encouragement as they will see it an incentive and feels that Harmoney cares even more. Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 I would 150% recommend Harmoney to anyone needing finances. Super easy to use, great communication and wonderful timing! I absolutely love :) Auckland, New Zealand
5.0 So straight forward and easy. Excellent company to deal with. My loan was funded in 1 hour which far exceeded my expectations. Would happily recommend to all Manawatu , New Zealand
5.0 Approval was quick, Easy to follow prompts in each section of the Application , customer service was pleasant and helpful would recommend to friends and family, it’s also good that Harmony Reviews The Loan after 6 months of prompt payments , we are happy CUSTOMERS.THANKYOU , Colin And Bing Edwin New Zealand
5.0 Best and easy method of service when it comes to Loan New Zealand
5.0 Cannot fault the in-depth detail on applying for loan. People skills so awesome New Zealand
5.0 Best loan company I've ever dealt with and very user friendly application New Zealand
5.0 Michael Kouk has been invaluable explaining everything to me. He is awesome! This has been a pleasant experience considering it is a loan application. Amazing! New Zealand
5.0 Thank you Harmoney for making the whole loan process stress free. We are return customers because of this. Excellent, efficient service from start to finish. New Zealand
5.0 Good fast Service & getting loan very happy Craig New Zealand
5.0 Very easy on-line experience
Establishment fee of around 3.2% of loan value perhaps a little high, but understandable given non-secured nature of loan.
Well structured convenants within disclosure documentation setting out obligations and also nature of early repayment if undertaken.
Could be beneficial (for decision making by borrower) to include actual cost of borrowing (including fees) calculator as can be utilised on such sites as
Good follow up by help-desk operator.
Southland, New Zealand
5.0 Harmony you are great loan details really easy to follow New Zealand
5.0 Its very easy, i love doing loans with them, it is also great that they get back to us real quick weither it be with quiries or replying to mails. Love them and always recommend family to borrow with them. New Zealand
5.0 Best finance company out there bar none New Zealand

Simple, 100% online

1. Get to know you

Tell us about your loan, then provide us with some details about yourself and your finances.

2. Get your quote

We provide your detailed quote with your interest rate, borrowing limit and repayments.

3. Get your money

Accept your quote and provide some final details. Most people get their money within 24 hours.

What we offer

$2K - $70K

Loan limits
3 or 5 years

Loan terms

Establishment fee

Early repayment fee
  • Interest rates from 6.99% p.a.19.99% p.a.¹
  • Establishment fee of $150²
  • You can repay weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Your rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • All loans are unsecured

Get the loan that works for you

Spend more time living and less time figuring out how to pay for the things you need.

personalised rates

Interest rates are based on your individual credit assessment, not one-size-fits-all.

stress less v6

Choose from 3 or 5 year terms. And there are no early repayment fees should you decide to repay the loan sooner.

100% ONLINE – 24/7

No queues and no need for any awkward face-to-face meetings.

Quick motorhome loan estimate

Get an idea of what your interest rates and repayments could look like by using our quick estimate loan calculator.

Common motorhome loan questions

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What type of vehicle can a car loan be used for?

You can apply for a loan to purchase any type of vehicle, including a motorhome, off-road vehicle, motorcycle or electric bike, as long as the purchase itself is legal.

Do I need to have a deposit before I apply?

No, you can apply to borrow the full amount you need to purchase the vehicle, as well as any related costs such as on-road costs or insurance, if you wish.

We recommend that you only borrow what you need, as if you’ve managed to save some money toward the cost of purchasing a car or vehicle, this could mean you need to borrow less. And the less you borrow, the sooner you can pay off the loan and the less interest you’ll need to pay.

Will I need to put up my property or vehicle as security?

No. All Harmoney loans – including our home improvement loans – are unsecured, so you won’t need to put up collateral for your loan.

Can I use the loan to buy a car or vehicle privately?

Yes. You can use your personal loan to purchase a car or just about any type of vehicle privately, be that at a car fair, online car dealer, auction site or even a build-your-own kit set car. How you achieve your goal of acquiring the vehicle is up to you, so as long as it’s legal.

Can anyone apply for a car or vehicle loan?

In Australia - to apply for a Harmoney loan you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen

  • Be full-time or permanent part-time employed

  • Have photo ID documents such as an Australian driver’s licence or passport available

  • Not have any defaults, judgements or bankruptcies on your credit file

  • Require a minimum $2,000 loan

In New Zealand - to apply for a Harmoney loan you need to:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Be earning a stable income

The process of applying for a car loan with Harmoney is the same as for most other types of loans and can be completed 100% online.

Can I include on-road costs and insurance in my car loan application?

Yes, you can include all costs related to purchasing your new (or used) vehicle.

Get started today

Apply today for your motorhome loan and let the memories begin.

Types of personal loans

personalised rates v8

An education costs loan from Harmoney helps students to focus on their studies rather than worry about their finances.

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unsecured car v3

Finance the purchase of a new or used car or other vehicle. Buy privately or from a dealer, with cash-buyer confidence.

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make memories v3

With a holiday loan you can cover car rental, flights, accommodation, and more, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

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debt free v5

Simplify debt by rolling multiple debts into one debt. One repayment date to remember, and one fixed interest rate.

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wedding prepare v2

A Harmoney wedding loan can help you make your special day even more memorable.

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stress less v6

A medical expenses loan can cover medical procedures and related costs, be it dental, vision, or other medical expense.

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start now v2

Time to spruce up the home or get to that long overdue landscaping project? Break out the tools with a home improvement loan.

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simplify v9

Looking to boost your business to the next level, or need help with business cashflow. A Harmoney business loan could help.

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We're real people and we're here if you need us

If you need help, just give us a call on 0800 427 666 or jump on to online chat and one of our more than 30 specialists will be there to lend a hand.

Customer service m wide min v3

Terms and conditions

1. Subject to approval and funding. Harmoney’s interest rates are offered based on the individual borrower’s credit assessment according to Harmoney’s credit scorecard. In order to be approved and list your loan you must meet Harmoney’s credit criteria and responsible lending requirements. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply. 99% of loan applications are funded within 24 hours of loan terms being accepted (based on loans submitted in 2018).

2. Establishment fee of $150 for loans from $2,000 to $70,000. Fixed rates range from 6.99% p.a. to 19.99% p.a. on 36 to 60 month terms, with no early repayment penalties.