Unsupported browser

Browser support

If you're seeing this page, it is likely that your need to update your web browser to use Harmoney.

Update your web browser

If you have a modern, mainstream web browser, it should have automated updating - check your browser's help documentation for details on ensuring it stays updated.

If you have disabled automated updating, please run the manual update option to bring your browser up to date.

PLEASE NOTE: many tablets and mobile devices from vendors such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, etc, install their own versions of popular web browsers (based on Chrome or Webkit, for example). In many these vendor versions will NOT be updated frequently and many become unsupported by Harmoney.

If you are using an Android tablet or device with an unsupported browser, you will need to install and use one of the browsers listed in the Install a supported web browser section, below.

Install a supported web browser

Harmoney supports all recent versions of modern, mainstream web browsers. To install a free, supported web browser, just follow one of the linked options below.