A streamlined 100% online application

No queues, no need for any awkward face-to-face meetings - our process is 100% online, 24/7.

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Or call 0800 427 666 (9am - 6pm)

A streamlined 100% online application

No queues, no need for any awkward face-to-face meetings - our process is 100% online, 24/7.

Ready to apply?

Or call 0800 427 666 (9am - 6pm)

Applying for a Harmoney loan

Applying for a Harmoney loan is a simple and fast process that can be done entirely online in a few minutes - with no need to for awkward face-to-face interviews; you don't even need to leave the couch!

Once you have completed the process, following the simple steps below, your application will be assessed. If your loan is approved you will be offered a personalised interest rate and borrowing limit.

If you accept your loan terms your loan is listed on the Harmoney marketplace for funding.

Easy, fuss free process

Before you start

If you would like a quick estimate of your loan terms you can try our Personal Loan Calculator. This is an indication only of what your interest rate and repayments might be. We can only give you your personalised loan terms once we have assessed all the information in your completed application.

As part of your application we will need to Verify your identity with either:

  • A valid New Zealand Drivers License,
  • or A valid New Zealand Passport.

It's a good idea to have one of those forms of ID on hand before you start.

1. Create an Account

To set up your Harmoney account, you need to enter your name, a password and a valid email address.

You will then be sent an email to that address asking you to verify your email address. If you have a Google account you can sign in directly with this address and be verified straight away.

Once your account is set up, we'll ask you to create a security question, which we'll use to verify you, if you ever forget your password.

2. Verify your identity

Before you can proceed with your application we need to make sure you're you! To do this you'll need either:

  • A valid New Zealand Drivers License,
  • or A valid New Zealand Passport.

At this point, we will also make a credit check against your name with the New Zealand credit bureaux.

This is a legal requirement to help ensure that you are who you say you are, so no one can apply for a loan in your name without your permission.

The information in your credit file, supplied to us by the credit bureaux at this point will also be assessed to help determine your personalised loan terms.

This might sound like a lot, but it should only take a minute to process, so don't go anywhere!

3. Verify your income

Next we need a clear understanding of your income. By allowing us to view your bank accounts here we can get an up-to-date snapshot of your finances straight away.

Using secure bank-grade technology we access a read-only view of your bank statements for the past 90 days. With a clear picture of your finances we can then estimate your income.

The process takes only a few minutes and helps us assess a loan and an interest rate personalised to your financial circumstances.

Later in the application we will ask you to confirm if the transactions we have identified are your income.

If you wish to skip this step, you will have to verify your income manually by uploading three months of bank statements as a PDF.

4. Verify your financial details

You're almost there. To get the complete picture of your finances we just need to know a little more information about your current financial assets and liabilities.

We'll ask you some questions about:

    • All your income sources
    • Assets (such as your house, investments, savings etc.)
    • Liabilities (such as credit cards, personal loans etc.)
    • Whether you're paying a mortgage or rent

5. Apply now!

It's time to send your application off to be assessed.You will be notified if you application has been successful or not via text and email. 

At this stage you may get notification that you need to add a co-borrower for your application to proceed.

If you're application is successful:

You will be given a copy of your loan offer. This shows you how much you can borrow and what your personalised interest rate is. You will be asked if you accept these terms. If you do your loan is submitted to the marketplace for funding.

Optional Extra: Payment Protect

If you choose to accept your loan terms and submit the loan for funding, you will also be offered the chance to add Payment Protect to your loan.

This is a repayment waiver which offers you financial protection in case of redundancy, bankruptcy, disability, terminal illness, or death.

Payment Protect is an optional product. If you choose not to take it up, it will not impact your loan terms as they've been presented to you.

Listing your loan for funding

Once you have accepted your offer, you have the chance to tell potential lenders about why you are applying for your loan.

It shouldn't be anything personal or anything that may identify you; simply what you will use your loan for. This will appear as part of your loan listing in the marketplace and may help your loan attract lenders.

Most loans listed in the Harmoney marketplace are full-funded within 24 hours.

Additional steps you may need to complete

Manual uploading

If you do not wish to connect Harmoney to a read-only view of your 90-days of bank statements you will need to manually upload them as PDFs.

If you do not wish for Harmoney to automatically verify your identity online, you will need to provide a clear photo of your idea, and have access to a webcam so we can authenticate the ID.

Adding a co-borrower

You may be asked to add a co-borrower in order for your application to proceed. This means that two people are jointly applying for the loan, instead of one.

Usually a co-borrower will be required if an application is deemed likely to put someone at risk of hardship if they were to take it on alone.

Once a co-borrower is added they will go through a similar application and verification process. If the application is successful the co-borrower will have equal liability for the loan.

If you would like to add a co-borrower from the beginning of your application, please contact our customer service team on 0800 HARMONEY or customerservice@harmoney.co.nz between 9am-6pm 7 days.

Ready to apply?

Or call 0800 427 666 (9am - 6pm)