Marketplace Statistics

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We're proud to be transparent about our Marketplace performance. These automated graphs are the aggregated statistics for the Harmoney portfolio as a whole, and are updated regularly with Marketplace Statistics.

You can view your personal statistics in your Lender Dashboard.

Marketplace Statistics

We're proud to be transparent about our platform performance. These automated graphs are aggregated statistics for the Harmoney portfolio as a whole, and are updated regularly.

Lenders can view personal statistics in their lender dashboard.

Harmoney is no longer offering loans for investment by retail lenders.

Overall performance to date

Realised Annual Return by Unique Loans

The return of each individual Lender also depends on their diversification within their personal portfolio. This graph shows that 100% of Lenders who have invested in 100 or more personal loans have all returned a positive RAR. You can also see that once you have invested in 200 or more personal loans, the volatility of the RAR reduces significantly. Click here to learn more about Diversification.

Loan and Marketplace Performance by Grade

Performance by Credit Grade

Looking at the loan performance by grade in more detail (demonstrating further that the Harmoney credit grade ranks risk effectively) we see not only that the lower the grade the greater the proportion of arrears but also the greater the severity of the arrears, i.e. Grade F has more loans at >120 days than Grade E and Grade E more than Grade D, and so on. This gives us greater confidence in grading as it operates in our current processes.

Total issued
Fully Paid Off
Charged Off

Data is updated daily
Charged off amounts shown in the table are total lifetime Charge Offs to-date.

Defaults (static loss)

Static Loss

This chart illustrates the actual loss rates experienced. Each year is broken into Half-year groups - or cohorts. Data is updated in real time.

It is, however, important to remember that when viewing these losses, that each cohort had a slightly different grade mix, and the amount of money lent in each cohort varies as well.