November P2P Lending News

November P2P Lending News

Posted 30 November 2016. Categories: Lender Newsletters.

As we start creeping ever closer to the end of 2016 and the clean slate of a new year, there’s some fantastic retrospectives on what’s happened in our industry this year, and looking forward at what may be to come in 2017.

Here’s our pick of the bunch!

From home shores

Follow the Brits lead

Rob Stock over at headed along to the Finnotec conference in Auckland this month, where our founder and co-CEO spoke about the success of the British P2P industry, and how NZ could learn from their successes in order to create a $10 billion per year non-bank lending industry.

Head to to read more.

The Sharing Economy

Check out the new NZ Herald feature section on the Shared Economy to hear about the businesses making waves in NZ and around the world - including us! - using technology to bring an age-old concept into the modern day.

See the NZ Herald for more.

Around the world

Seven imminent changes facing the FinTech industry

McKinsey has completed some fascinating research looking at the shifting market conditions, new regulations and changes in consumer demand and behaviour, identifying seven critical changes facing an increasingly broad and cautious FinTech industry.

Read about those seven imminent changes on their website.

Zopa to apply for banking licence

Meanwhile this month, news emerged that Zopa - the world’s first Peer-to-Peer marketplace and market leader in the UK - plans to become the first marketplace to also launch a bank. The bank will stick to the P2P tradition of being an online only service, without any branches, and with licensing typically taking between 15-24 months, it isn’t expected to launch with any immediacy.

Zopa currently intends to continue to operate its P2P marketplace separately, having lent over £1.8 billion to date.

Find out more at

2017 will be the year of bank partnerships

Hot on the tails of Zopa’s announcement, Lend Academy predicts that 2017 will be a year dominated by bank partnerships, arguing that small banks’ initial fears of disruption have subsided, shifting instead towards an interest in collaboration.  

Read more about how Lend Academy sees this interest manifesting in 2017.

After 8 years of FinTech, are you better or worse off?

In light of the end of the long US election, Orchard takes a look at how 8 years of FinTech has impacted America - looking at the increase of mobile banking and decrease in branch numbers, the accessibility of online lending, retail and institutional investing, and payment technology.

Click here to read more about the impact of FinTech and Orchard’s forecast for the future.

Ramping up for LendIt 2017

Every year you’ll hear us talking about LendIt: run by the fantastic team over at LendAcademy, LendIt has long been a core congregation of the P2P industry, more recently expanding to include events in Europe and Asia.

This month, the team released an overview of the agenda for the 2017 conference. As a critical event attended by industry heavyweights and thought-leaders, the agenda provides a solid indicator for where the industry is headed.

Check out LendAcademy for an overview of the agenda, and to find out more about attending.