Finding a way

Finding a way

Our modern lives seem to be getting busier and busier. There seems no shortage of demands on our time and attention. Not to mention new gizmos, gadgets, and services to tempt us. Our financial lives, too, are becoming more complicated every day. It can be tough holding everything together so something doesn’t slip through the cracks. Then along comes a global pandemic.

Although Harmoney customer, Hinga, felt she and her husband were managing to cope - considering changes in their finances brought on by COVID - she was desperate to ease the pressure they were feeling from credit card debt. “I decided to have a closer look and realised the repayments I was making on credit cards really weren't doing much. Due to the interest rate being charged, it wasn’t doing much to the balance - maybe a few dollars off.”

A couple of years before, Hinga took out a small Harmoney loan to replace one of their cars with a more reliable one, and since then had qualified to apply for a top-up to her current loan. So she decided to see what Harmoney could do to help with her credit card debt. “Although you don’t have a face-to-face with people at Harmoney, I have always felt that they were trying to find ways to help me, and that they were genuine about it.” After spending some time looking at options on the Harmoney website, she applied for a debt consolidation loan thinking she might be able to cover one or two credit cards, but Harmoney was able to help her consolidate all of the cards but one. But that wasn’t all, “what really surprised me was I had assumed my monthly repayment would be more, but when my application came back it was lower than what I had been paying before. I thought that was really great.”

With the interest rate offered on her Harmoney debt consolidation loan, Hinga found that she would end up paying less each month, and knew when the debt would be paid off. “I’m a person that likes things organised so [the debt consolidation loan] is good for me - I know exactly what interest rate I’m paying, what the repayments are, and when the end date is.”

After the turbulence and uncertainty of COVID, and with the perseverance and determination that is part of her personality, Hinga has found a way through: “yes, I can get ahead now. And, even if it’s only $10 a week, I can have a savings account and put some money aside.”

At Harmoney, our purpose is to help people achieve their goals with financial products that are friendly, fair and simple to use. If a personal loan could help you achieve a goal, apply for a Harmoney loan.

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