Simple 100% online process
Personalised rates from 6.99% — 29.99% p.a.*




Simple 100% online process
Personalised rates from 6.99% — 29.99% p.a.*

Won’t affect your credit score

Dream jobs are better in real life.

Maybe you’re dreaming of becoming a pilot, a world-class chef, or a high-powered attorney. Take your education to the next level with an education loan.

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*Subject to approval and funding. Harmoney’s interest rates range from 6.99% p.a. to 29.99% p.a. and are offered based on the individual borrower’s credit assessment according to Harmoney’s credit scorecard. In order to be approved and submit your loan you must meet Harmoney’s credit criteria and responsible lending requirements. Establishment fee of $200 for loans below $5,000 and $450 for loans $5,000 and above. Some charges may apply — see Rates and Fees for details.

Why get your personal loan through Harmoney?


100% online process.

Get a quote or apply when you want, where you want, on your terms - and without any uncomfortable face-to-face meetings.


Rates from 6.99% p.a. to 29.99% p.a.*

You're unique, so is your interest rate. It's customised to your circumstances, not everyone else's.


Up to $70,000, unsecured.

No ball and chain here, just easy repayments you can afford. No hidden or early repayment fees either.

Get Started

It’s simple. If you’re planning to further your education, or help your kids further theirs, a education loan through Harmoney could be a great option. All Harmoney loans have personalised interest rates and no early repayment penalties, which could save you both time and money. Plus we only offer unsecured loans so you won’t have to put your house or car on the line.

Education Loan Calculator

Getting started is simple with our handy loan calculator. Get an indication of what your repayments could be, then apply for up to $70,000 and find out how much you could be approved to borrow, and what rate you could get. Use the calculator.

Reasons for Getting an Education Loan

When it comes to careers, we all know how important a good education is. If you (or your kids) are thinking of taking up some professional development, whether it’s undergraduate, postgraduate or otherwise, an education loan through Harmoney could help remove some of the stress. Harmoney can provide student loans, or education loans for parents to help cover course fees and course related costs.

Peer-to-peer Lending

Want a better way to borrow money? Here it is. Peer-to-peer lending is changing the way the world borrows and invests by connecting people through online marketplaces. We've brought it to NZ with our intuitive, 100% online process. Get an education loan that's funded by Kiwis, and enjoy a better experience. Find out more about P2P lending.

What is Harmoney?

Harmoney is NZ’s first licensed peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects people who want to borrow money with those who wish to lend money. Our marketplace provides a simple way to get a personal loan, online.

Personal Loans with Harmoney - New Zealand from Harmoney on YouTube.

Education Loan FAQs

What are the interest rates for a loan through Harmoney?

All our personal loans have fixed personalised interest rates, set based on the risk grade assigned to each Borrower during their application. You can find out more about what interest rate could apply to you on our Interest Rates and Fees page.

Do you provide education loans for international students?

Harmoney doesn’t provide education loans for international students. To be eligible to apply for a personal loan through Harmoney, you must be a New Zealand resident with a valid NZ passport or driver licence - and if you’re a NZ resident, you won’t be an international student.

How long do I have to pay off my loan?

When you apply for a loan through Harmoney, you can choose a 36 or 60 month loan term. As standard, all loans are set to standard monthly repayments, but we can usually arrange a more frequent repayment schedule to suit you. But with no early repayment penalties, you get the freedom to increase your regular repayment amounts or make lump sum payments without any additional fees, and pay your loan off faster.

Is there a difference between an education loan and a student loan?

Interest-free student loans are available from Study Link, a service run by the NZ Ministry of Social Development. If you meet Study Link’s eligibility requirements, it’s obviously a good choice.

If you don’t meet the requirements for a student loan from Study Link - whether it’s because you’re the parent of a student, because you’re studying part time, or because you don’t meet the requirements for course related costs, then an education loan through Harmoney’s peer to peer lending platform could work for you.

Still have questions?

Further information on unsecured personal loans can be found on the Community Law website.